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“Nursery staff are passionate about play. We encourage the children to explore, be creative and imaginative, to get messy, to have a go and to try again, be resilient and most importantly to have fun.   We support the children’s emotional well-being, build bonds and help  the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem through play.”

Cressex Day Nursery - High Wycombe

Cressex Day Nursery staff exemplify the qualities of a play champion. They are passionate about play, enthusiastic to the max and genuinely playful. This playfulness in the staff team extends to their desire to make children’s lives as joyful and playful as possible. They have had 2 in-house training courses with Inspired Children and recently invited parents to a session on positive play which was really successful. Warm, welcoming and friendly staff with an enthusiasm for play that is joyfully bonkers make Cressex Day Nursery a wonderful addition to the Play Champions Hall of Fame.

After our training with Inspired Children in May 2018 the staff were buzzing and full of enthusiasm. During the parents evenings in June the staff shared with the parents their knowledge and passion from the course and the photos and video of the staff having fun during their training session. This led to the nursery becoming fully committed to working in partnership with the parents to promote the importance of play. We invited our parents to a Positive Play Training session in January and they loved every minute of it.”