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Learner feedback from every single one of Inspired Training Sessions has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The whole course has been an enlightenment, I have learned so many positive reactions to a child’s behaviour and how to turn negative play into positive. I now understand how important my job is within the school and what great changes can be made to enhance a child’s life.”

Caroline Altunas - Ravenshead Primary School,

Training for Classroom Staff

Much of our training for EYFS settings can be adapted for reception class and year 1 teaching staff in schools. In addition we deliver bespoke practical training sessions for classroom staff up to year 6 (and beyond!)

Working with Vulnerable Children and supporting children with school anxiety

Enriched Environments and the Brain

Joy, Wonder and Curiosity – How Children Really Learn.

Positive Behaviour, Positive Children

Growth Mindsets and Resilience

Therapeutic Play in the Classroom

Inspiring Creativity and Divergent Thinking

Imagination in the Classroom

Enhanced Interactive Storytelling

Enriched Physical development for kids who don’t like sport

The Neuroscience of Play

How Children See Us – Positive adult behaviour

Drama and performance in the classroom

Transient Art

Urban Forest Training – outdoor education when we don’t have a forest.

We also deliver a variety of sessions for children to fit in with your current theme or project work.

Storytelling – traditional legends from a variety of cultures and historical periods told in a unique interactive way.

Immersive Narratives

Drama and Performance

Bottle Rockets

Giant Cardboard Creations

Chariot Building

Water Play activities