Multi-Award winning Training for people who work with Children.

“I cannot put into words how amazing the training that you delivered on Friday was, my team were most definitely inspired and I felt that we came together as a team!”

Natalie Smyth, EYFS Lead – West Grantham Academy – St Johns

Why Choose Inspired Children Training?

Inspired Children delivers exceptional, inspirational training for adults working with children of any age.  We have contracts with local authorities, schools and agencies across the UK delivering training for early years workers, playworkers, youth workers, teachers, classroom assistants and lunchtime staff. We also offer award winning in-house training for Schools (including special schools), Nurseries, Adoption Agencies, Children’s Centres, Leisure Centres, Childminders and Parent groups. Our training receives fanatical feedback from learners, managers and commissioning bodies and has had a profound and lasting effect on children.  Inspirational delivery, innovative teaching techniques and a comprehensive, up to date knowledge of children’s services make Inspired training the most cost effective and influential training available.

“Inspired has truly made a difference. The name of the company is bang on. Inspired training is exactly what is delivered and it has inspired us to be better. We were recently awarded Outstanding by Ofsted. Would we have got it without Inspired Children’s training, passion and inspiration? I very much doubt it.”

Alison Bates, Manager, Little Explorers Playgroup.

Inspired Training Supports the following

New and Updated Courses for 2020 - Download the training directory for full details.

Brand New Training for Schools        Page 76

Updated Inset day sessions and inspiring new lunchtime staff training

The Power of Play – The Therapeutic Benefits of Play     Page 8

Our new Therapeutic Play Course has already been incredibly popular and received amazing feedback. It is available in different versions for nurseries, schools and Adoption Agencies

Working with Vulnerable Children       Page 9

An insightful new course looking at how we help children that are struggling to cope.. Thought provoking and profound with a range of practical ideas to try with our

vulnerable children.

Building the Future - Loose Parts Play and Open-Ended Resources    Page 11

This fascinating course gives a wealth of practical ideas for child directed play

opportunities and highlights the incredible neurological and cognitive benefits to children.

Working with Babies          Page 13

An essential course for anyone working with babies – unlike any other baby course!

(now updated to a full day course by popular demand)

The Parent Play Project – Updated for 2018       Page 15

Getting Parents Playing with their Children - Finalist for Nursery World

Best Parent Project 2014

Observation Assessment and Planning (Revised for 2018/19)    Page 17

Our incredibly successful Observation, Assessment and Planning Course has been

updated for 2018/19 and has more useful tips and essential information than ever.

In the Moment Planning – for confident, resilient children.     Page 18

A practical look at “In the Moment” or “Retrospective” Planning and how to work with

children’s own neurological instincts to create magical opportunities that continually

scaffold and extend their development.

The Nature of Nurturing – Practical Attachment Theory      Page 19

This brand-new course is an essential look at supporting children to

develop secure attachments in our setting and help overcome attachment issues.

Positive Play for the EYFS (Updated for 2019)      Page 21

An essential introduction to positive play in Early Years. Including low cost resources

and a wealth of new play ideas.

Embracing Schema (Completely Rewritten for 2019)     Page 23

A vital practical guide to recognising and supporting schemas.


Reflective Practice – A Stepping Stone to Excellence      Page 24

With the discontinuation of the SEF form this course helps us to be  reflective

Practitioners with a wealth of tools to continuously improve our service.

Child Development and the EYFS (Now commissioned by several Local Authorities) Page 25

A fascinating practical look at the early development of children.

Growth Mindsets and Resilience        Page 27

This course was commissioned to look at how we help children become resilient, risk-taking learners and the support we can give to encourage growth mindsets.

Characteristics of Effective Learning Master Class      Page 28

Finally the definitive course on the way children learn - not to be missed.

Joy, Wonder and Curiosity         Page 29

A celebration of joy and wonder in one of our most inspirational and

ground-breaking courses ever.

Bringing Stories to life!         Page 33

This ground-breaking training helps even underconfident “story tellers” make the best of this amazing opportunity with children. Story time will never be the same again!

Adventurous Play – Risk and Challenge (Updated for 2019)     Page 37

An essential course looking at how we can make play more exciting for children and

avoid the catastrophic effects of over protecting them.

Positive Behaviour – Positive Children (Completely revised for 2019)   Page 39

Our ever-popular positive behaviour course returns with more new research

and new ideas to help support positive behaviour. Now also available as a full day.

How Children See Us – Positive Adult Behaviour (Updated for 2019)   Page 42

This highly popular course about how adult behaviour impacts on children has been

recently updated with some startling new developments in the study of brain

development in children.

Active Maths and Magnificent Maths        Page 47

An incredibly popular course exploring maths through a series of fun, practical

experiences. Updated to a full day with new theory and practical experiences for 2019.

Creative Brains – The neuroscience of creativity and the imagination.   Page 56

An extraordinary day of creativity, divergent thinking and an explosion of colour and fun.

Play Champions – Intensive Play Course       Page 57

Five sessions of the most up to date, practical and essential play theory and research with a host of  therapeutic experiences for children. This is our ultimate play course! We also offer especially adapted courses for schools and special schools.

Working with ADHD          Page 61

Helping to support children with ADHD in an OOS environment.

Working with Autism          Page 62

New course for OOS clubs and schools for helping ASD children

to thrive in a play environment.


SAFEGAURDING, PREVENT DUTY AND BRITISH VALUES. Essential training delivered by Inspired Children in 2019.


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Play Champions

Online Pre-recorded Video Training Courses

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